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How to Prepare for Certification Exams

Here is a list of suggestions to crack the certification exams of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To Crack a Microsoft certification exam is never easy but its not that much difficult also if you follow some important resources and learning modules.

Complete Microsoft Certification List here.

These steps are applicable for all certification exams but use the correct link.


First I would like to tell you to follow the link for MB2-701 certification page. In this page if you go extreme down then you will find a Skills Measured section which gives a clear vision that which parts of CRM module are supposed to come in Exam.


Expand all sections and follow the links for study materials which is provided by Microsoft learning portal. Google all sections and read as much as you can from Internet resources and Books, as simple as that.


Search the certification exam sample questions and practice. I am damn sure you will get enough resource with sample questions and reference articles which will increase the confidence in you to crack the exam.


Follow the peoples thought who passed the exams and study their blogs if they published any article on cracking the certification exams.


Be Positive. Nothing is impossible.  Practice the above 3 steps for one month and I assure you that you can crack the exam, what ever may be the certification exam.

Best of Luck !!!


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